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TravelTech Aircraft Services is a highly responsive aircraft maintenance concierge service.
We bring the maintenance shop to your location thereby delivering a greater level of convenience and efficiency.
Memberships are limited so we can deliver quality work and premium customer service.

Our Services

Power Plant

Oil Change & Analysis 

Dynamic Prop Balancing

Engine Monitor Analysis

Turbo Diagnostics / Repair

Borescope Analysis

Fuel System Diagnostics & Tuning

Ignition System Diagnostics & Tuning

Engine Removal & Replacement

Air Frame

Landing Gear & Brake Repair

Tire Change

Door Seal Replacement

Pitot Static & Altimeter Certifications

Air Conditioning Repair & Servicing

Lighting System Maintenance & Upgrades

Digital Fuel Quantity Management Systems Installation

Control Rigging & Balancing


Annual Inspection

General Multi-point Inspection

Software Updates

Pre-Purchase Inspection

100 Hour Inspection

AD Compliance Tracking

SB Compliance Tracking

Logbook Review

Services Rate

The non-member services rate is $190/hr. There is a three hour minimum trip fee for on-site service calls. For discounted rates and a summary of membership benefits click on the button below.

Pilot's Lounge

Wait in comfort while your plane is being serviced.