Why TravelTech

TravelTech offers a unique maintenance experience. We continually customize maintenance programs for our subscribers, and welcome requests for how we can create an experience that uniquely fits your maintenance needs. The following highlights some of the unique benefits and value that TravelTech provides.

  TravelTech Typical Maintenance Shop
Average Response Time 1 hour via preferred contact method* 4-6 Weeks
Location of Work Your airport or where the aircraft is* Wherever the shop is 
Working Hours Job dependent with 24/7 availability (sleeping quarters in the truck)* 8:30-5 M-F
Remote Work Capability Full mobile shopWhatever fits in the toolbox or can be borrowed at the airport
Scheduled MaintenanceCustomized autonomous maintenance and monitoring based on your usage and needs. We alert you to upcoming maintenance.*At annual or when it breaks 
Mechanics’ Availability On call*  As available during business hours
Required Maintenance Logistics Grant us access to your aircraftCost and stress involved with transportation to and from the airport, operating cost of aircraft, cost of your time, cost of hangar and/or tie-down after work is complete
Scheduling Online scheduling and response tool Phone or e-mail when available
Customer Base Limited membership General population

* For Elite Subscribers. Premium, Basic, and Non-Subscribers realize relative priority and  some of the listed benefits as defined for the respective subscription level.

TravelTech offers a service model that is different than the typical shop experience. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the typical model, TravelTech offers the convenience of faster individual support to those who require it. We work in concert with and support shops at fixed locations and provide referrals on request.

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How Much Are You Really Paying for Your Aircraft Maintenance?
(based on 2022 rates)


As an aircraft owner living at an airpark with no maintenance shop, I frequently looked at the latest shop rates as a key factor in deciding where to take my plane for maintenance. One of the things that I often overlooked was how much it really cost me to take my plane to the shop.

Appendix 1 Shows a sample scenario of the costs associated with moving the plane that I frankly hadn’t ever taken the time to think about much less calculate.

I think you will agree that this rather conservative scenario reflects some but not all the costs. This contributed to the development of the TravelTech Model.  The average transport cost of $620 is eliminated with the TravelTech model (reflected in the bottom of Appendix 1). 




But how does that factor into the hourly shop rate?  


Appendix 2 shows how substantially this contributes to the actual shop rate.  Suddenly the lower rate is not nearly as attractive for jobs less than 14 hours when compared to the TravelTech value proposition.  


It seems absurd but, in many instances, you are paying substantially more than the perceived savings from seeking the lower shop rate.








Where this becomes more apparent is when you look at how that shop rate adds up on jobs less than 14 hours. 


To be fair, TravelTech does charge a minimum 3-hour trip charge to cover fuel and travel time costs which is waived if there is 3 or more hours of work to do at any one location so I’ve included that in Appendix 3.  



I think you will agree, the value proposition still holds.  And this, of course, doesn’t account for the convenience and responsiveness that are the true key tennets of what TravelTech offers our members, which I would suggest is more valuable than the cost savings but no less relevant. 


In addition, the TravelTech shop rates are further discounted for our members.